Saturday, May 7, 2011

July 23rd

The family reunion is on July 23rd 2011 at John Mould's house. Please bring a good attitude :)
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  1. Nice job Reagan. Hope everyone gets a chance to see it! I'm looking forward to the reunion and seeing family members that I haven't seen in a long time. And also for you to meet some that you have never met!

  2. I should have checked on who was logged in! it wasn't me, it was you! so, the above comment was meant to come from me, and now it has. Anyway, good job. Now to get it caught up and passed to everyone. Dad. Leroy.

  3. Trying to make a way to come. Life is so busy . I would love to see people i have not seen in a long long time and meet those i have never seen . Hope to make it .Anna Campbell ( daughter of Judy Davies.)

  4. Matt and I are planning to be there - as long as I make it back from my backpacking adventure in one piece :) It'll be fun to see folks I haven't seen in years and introduce my fiance to those who have never met him. Looking forward to it!
    ~Emily (Danny's daughter)